Most project fails because of project managers incompetence in project management. Monitoring and controlling of projects should be done proactively and regularly to improve project success scores. In this article/blog we will discuss the importance of and differentiation between preventive action, correctives actions, and defect repair actions of the project managers to improve project results.

Preventive actions are those actions that are taken by the project manager during the project lifecycle to protect from scope creep and ensure the project completes its deliverables as per approved constraints or baseline. Preventive actions are initiated as part of the project “quality assurance” during project execution. Example: Process improvement activities, performing regular audits, project review meeting which includes risk reviews, confronting conflicts, etc.,.

Corrective actions are performed on completed deliverables and are those actions which are taken by the project manager during the project lifecycle to ensure these deliverables are tested before customer release. These actions are initiated as part of project “quality control” processes to confirm that the deliverables have no obvious defect and they are ready for the transition to the customer. Examples: Inspecting or testing product or services for defects before customer release.

Defect Repair is those actions that are taken by the project manager during the project lifecycle to ensure customer acceptance of the completed deliverables and successful project transition to operation. These actions are taken as part of the project “validate scope” process to ensure all defects identified by customers internal or external to organization are fixed, deliverables are accepted and the project can be closed. Example: Inspecting and testing product or services after customers have identified defects.

Let me explain this concept with an example: “Heart Attack”

Heart attack can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle by doing regular workouts, eating healthy food, not taking too much stress, etc.,. as an ongoing process.

Hearth attack can be avoided by regular heart check-ups bi-annually or annually with doctors as part of controlling problems even if you live a very healthy life.

Going through biopsy, implant, etc., once heart problems have been detected by the doctor are defect repair activities.

To summarize preventive actions are best for the project, controlling actions helps in improving customer satisfaction and defect repair will cost the highest to the project deliverables.


Kailash Upadhyay